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Industrial Computer Chassis and Cabinet

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1】, the first we should to consider its structural requirements before purchase the outdoor industrial computer chassis/ cabinet.

1, outdoor cabinet protection class: outdoor type should not be lower than IP54.

2, all structural parts must be sprayed before the corresponding anti-corrosion treatment to meet the needs of long-term outdoor use. The

3, the cabinet should be used in the form of modular structure, the cabinet and the skeleton can be dismantled to install, in order to facilitate the packaging, transportation and handling, cabinet base should be combined structure for transport and construction. After the assembly of the structure should be neat, beautiful, the weld should be no cracks, burn through, undercut, stomata, slag and other defects, grounding should be marked.

4, the fastener connection should be solid and reliable, all fasteners should have anti-corrosion coating or coating. Fastening of the connection must take anti-loose measures. The internal structure and equipment of the cabinet shall be of equipotential bonding. The impedance of each connection shall be less than 0.1Ω, and the protective grounding terminal of the cabinet shall not be less than M8.

5, the structure of the joints and the door should be uniform, the door open, close should be flexible and comfortable, reliable and reliable. The opening angle of the door is not less than 90 degrees.

2】, the second shoud be to take into account its anti-theft requirements.

Outdoor cabinets should have tamper, anti-saw, anti-impact and other capabilities, in a certain period of time can resist certain conditions of non-normal open. Cabinet with shock alarm, door lock with anti-theft measures, the door anti-theft lever using two-way anti-theft pole.

3】, the final to take into account its safety and maintenance requirements.

1, the use of the cabinet material should be non-flammable or flame retardant grade, should be consistent with GB / T 2408-1996 in the 8.3.2FH-1 (level) and 9.3.2FV-0 (vertical level) requirements.

2, heat transfer coefficient: cabinet plate and composite structure of the integrated heat transfer coefficient of not more than 1.2W / (K, ℃).

3, the cabinet should have a regular ventilation channel, and can be forced to start ventilation.

4, front door maintenance, maintenance space shall not exceed 800mm range. Should support the base station under uninterruptible power conditions to maintain the battery.

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