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We officially delivered the goods to the Israeli customer on December 19, 2018. Before that, we meet many problems and finally delivered the goods to the customer with perfect quality.


This customer begin to contact with us on Oct 2018, and it spend about about 15 days from confirmation of material and color to sample delivery. This customer release us an official order within 5 days after receiving the sample. in the mass production, we’ve had some difficult problems, and then through the communication via cellphone and email by our business department supervisor. finally complete the problem solved, This customer is very satisfied with our solution to it.


After many technical discussions, then the technical requirements of the product is also perfect to solve for customers. On December 17, 2018, we finally shipped the goods for the customer. Our exquisite and strong packaging and ability of dealing with problems quickly make our customers full of confidence in our products. The customer expressed that he would give us another order after receiving the goods, and he hoped that we could deliver the goods to them according to the same quality in the future.


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