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Is ozone harmful to humans?
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The divergence point of ozone is 0.01PPM. But humans can actually sense the existence of 0.03-0.04PPM from the sense of smell. Ozone can react with all saturated organic substances at room temperature in the air at a very low rate. Those that are truly free of secondary hazards such as nitrogen oxides, pure ozone is non-toxic even at slightly higher concentrations. As early as 1949, many Japanese doctors and pharmacists used high concentrations of pure ozone of more than 99.9 to conduct experiments on animals such as white rabbits, monkeys and monkeys. It has proved for many years that not only harmless but also such animals will develop better and grow more. Fast reproduction is stronger. After clinical trials by scientific and medical scientists, not only has it been repeatedly confirmed that the human body is completely harmless by injecting appropriate amounts of pure ozone intradermally and intramuscularly, but also verified that pure ozone quickly purifies the blood to increase red and white blood cells and revitalize the cell metabolism function Excellent performance, that is, it can really strengthen the body and get rid of various incurable diseases. Longing for the near future, medical scientists will apply to the human body for the benefit of humanity. Will ozone produce secondary pollution during the sterilization process? The answer is, of course, no. We know that indestructible matter is the rule of the universe. The disappearance of old matter will produce new matter, but ozone will be reduced to oxygen after decomposition. It is said that ozone is a safe, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, residue-free oxidizing disinfectant and sterilant that will not cause secondary pollution.

Ozone will quickly reduce itself to oxygen after reaction, without worrying about chemical residues or threatening the living environment. The use of other oxidants or chemical disinfectants needs to consider the secondary pollution after its action, so there is no secondary pollution of ozone-free chemical reaction residues, and it can also make the water quality clean and the air condition improve the environment. This is incomparable to any disinfectant. Therefore, ozone is praised by scientists as a green environmental protection element. It is almost the only effective and harmless way to disinfect and sterilize. It is currently an irreplaceable ideal disinfection product that does not produce any new pollution. Why ozone water has health care effect Ozone water can be regarded as a mysterious health promotion agent. For example, if you breathe a small amount of ozone-treated air, you will feel refreshed. The oxidizing power of ozone can promote blood. In addition, it has special effects on the prevention of infectious diseases and colds. Why ozone water can be beauty Ozone is soluble in water, not only can be sterilized but also very clear and hygienic. The use of ozone devices in public baths for family bath business not only makes the skin white, smooth and soft, eliminates body bacteria, allows fresh oxygen to be absorbed by the skin and blood vessels at the end of the body, promotes blood circulation metabolism, protects the skin from aging, and can also avoid bathing due to steam Diffuse and lead to hypoxia. Ozone beauty method has been widely used in Europe and America.

Ozone treatment is aimed at the germs, and is precisely positioned under the control of the computer to reach the lesion. Ozone has super sterilizing ability, promotes the normal function of the blood circulation system and stimulates the metabolism. By fully surrounding the diseased area with active oxygen ion gas, it can kill the bacteria in a short time; thereby promoting the growth of healthy epithelial cells, To repair damaged tissues, during the sterilization process, ozone is also contacted with various organic substances to produce transformations. The transformation products are oxygen, which can stimulate the production of immune cells, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and achieve good therapeutic purposes.

In Germany and Spain, doctors use ozone therapy to treat patients with acute stroke, which greatly reduces the disability rate of patients; the use of ozone therapy for the treatment of acute disc herniation has achieved unexpected results; in Cuba and Russia, doctors use ozone therapy Healing diabetic foot has achieved great success.

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Intelligent ozone air purifier-using pure water as raw material, under the action of low voltage within 4V, the oxygen atoms in the pure water are decomposed, and then recombined into high-potential super oxygen atoms, so as to produce a concentration of 0.8ppm or more per second The super-oxygen water is free of any toxic substances in the whole process.

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