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What is low-pressure ozone disinfection equipment?
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Ozone disinfection equipment is generally used to produce ozone. There are three main types of ozone production: high-pressure discharge, ultraviolet irradiation, and electrolytic. High-pressure discharge to produce ozone is to use a high-frequency current of a certain frequency to create a high-voltage corona electric field, so that oxygen molecules in or around the electric field electrochemically react to produce ozone. This method of producing ozone often requires higher voltages and currents. Due to its large size, high energy consumption, and the need for external assistance, it has now basically withdrawn from the market.

Ozone is produced by low-pressure electrolysis using pure water as the raw material. Under the action of low voltage within 4V, the oxygen atoms in the pure water are decomposed and then recombined into high-potential super-oxygen atoms, resulting in output of 0.8ppm or more per second. The concentration of super-oxygen water, without any toxic substances in the entire process, is currently the world's leading ozone-making technology low-pressure ozone disinfection machine in the domestic technological leading position.

Which ozone disinfection equipment is good? Ouweiqi low-pressure ozone disinfection equipment has been accepted by the mainstream market due to its small size, simple operation, high utilization rate, convenient use, strong durability and adaptability.

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