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Sheet Metal Processing, Pressure Riveting is Indispensable

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In the process of sheet metal shell processing , in order to be able to better fixed PCB board, the shell inside the need for pressure riveting, riveting is very critical, if a pressure is not good, with the PCB board on the hole is not up, then the shell can not And then use, so, sheet metal processing process, we should pay attention to pressure riveting method, but the pressure riveting should pay attention to what?

1. For the edge of the product or the hole near the pressure riveting riveting will cause the product edge or hole around the obvious deformation, according to the deformation of the material to take the appropriate measures (such as school / or polished) to achieve the drawings Size, appearance requirements.

2. Press the riveting shall not appear after the pressure distortion, pressure bias phenomenon, must ensure that the thread and its corresponding hole is concentric.

3. Press the riveting piece of material, specifications must be consistent with the drawings, not pressure specifications;

4. Press the riveting riveting plate around the protrusion or depression can not be obvious deformation, no obvious surface treatment can not cover the embossing or die.

5. Press the riveting shall not be tilted Press the riveting piece shall not loose, fall off, must test its firmness; its pushing force and torque value must meet the specifications of the ripper ripper PEM requirements.

6. Before riveting must be sure to confirm the production line with the riveting outside the logo and the bag in kind (material, specifications) is in line with the requirements of the drawings, bags are mixed phenomenon.

7. For the edge of the bending or mold forming edge of the pressure rivet pieces to focus on, especially the thread, the appearance (deformation) to focus on detection.

8. Press the riveting on the product on the pressure riveting material, specifications and thread random sampling inspection, whether to meet the requirements of the drawings, with or without leakage pressure, the wrong pressure, the location of the wrong, mixed with the phenomenon.

9. riveting riveting riveting pieces of the thread must be qualified, through the rules, only to stop.

10. After the riveting is completed, it is necessary to check whether the flatness of the rivets is in the range.

11. A single product pressure riveting studs, the number of screws is more, some products will be made of special fixture for riveting, the other need to do a special inspection to check whether there is leakage or wrong pressure and other defects

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