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Why can ozone water keep fresh
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Why can ozone water keep the fresh fruits and vegetables after the harvest from the mother plant, but it is still a living organic matter, and continues to carry out life activities, at the same time it will automatically release the ripening agent, and due to the interlocking of fruits and vegetables will produce mold It interacts with yeast to accelerate the ripening and decay of fruits and vegetables after harvesting. Ozone can oxidize and decompose the ripening agent through oxidation, and produce ethylene oxide with mold and yeast inhibition, prolonging the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables. Why can ozone water remove residual pesticides from fruits and vegetables? In the current situation of pesticide residues in vegetables on the market, long-term consumption of vegetables containing excessive pesticide residues will undoubtedly have a great impact on people's health, and will cause a variety of diseases that make people unable to live a happy and happy life.

Ozone has the ability to oxidize many organic compounds into carbon dioxide water and other compounds. Because the decomposition of pesticides is not easy, the chemical oxidation method has always been the method that technicians want to try, and the use of ozone is gradually paid attention to. Pesticide 02—C02H20 Other simple compound H2O, in short, it can break the chemical molecular bonds of the pesticide during the oxidation process, so that the chemical changes of the pesticide are not toxic.

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