Dongguan Ouyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

Company profile:Dongguan Ouyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in hydrolyzed ozone technology, UV air purification and ozone purification integrated application technology. The company integrates purification research, product development, customized design, customized production and product sales services.

Company philosophy: Adhere to the principle of "innovative design, best quality, timely delivery, and best price". Bring the most valuable service to customers.

Company strength: more than 10 R&D engineers, (mainly responsible for new product design and customer customization services)!The production team is more than 50 people, and the production site is more than 8,000 square meters

The production capacity can reach 10,000 disinfection air machines per month

Main products: The main products are: low pressure ozone disinfection machine, hydrolytic ozone disinfection machine, household water purification disinfection machine, air purification disinfection machine, disinfection and deodorization machine, UV ultraviolet air disinfection machine, UV ultraviolet disinfection purifier, medical ozone disinfection Machine, household UV ultraviolet purifier, smart air disinfection machine, smart UV disinfection machine, Plasma air purifier anti-virus air purifier, air anti-virus purifier.

Company qualification: Obtained CE, ROHS, CB, KC, SGS, L FGB certificates

Application areas: industry, agriculture, medical treatment, environmental protection, transportation, home and other fields

Major markets: export to the United States, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Australia, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa, etc.

Why choose our disinfection purifier?

1) Strong innovation ability: 12 years of professional purification field, excellent innovation team.
2) Minimum order quantity: OEM/ODM and smaller quantities can be provided for customers.
3) Strong customized copywriting: we can provide you with exclusive and unique solutions.
4) Great price advantage: own production plant, guarantee of cost control

5) Good product quality: The quality of every piece of equipment in the production process must be checked.
6) Fast production speed: delivery on time, double insurance for customer orders