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Research data shows that ozone is a broad-spectrum fungicide

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In addition, American scientists have found that many cancer cells significantly slow down their growth rate after continuous exposure to ozone, and indeed have inhibitory effects on cancer cells, showing that ozone is very widely used in daily life. A

The above reaction determines the disinfection and sterilization function of ozone. It can quickly diffuse and penetrate into the cell wall of the cell during the oxidation process, and its strong oxidation will denature the cell protein, destroy the cell enzyme system and cause the physiological metabolism of the cell to be imbalanced and eventually kill the cell . What are the advantages of ozone water disinfection and sterilization, with a broad spectrum.  

Scientific research data show that ozone is a broad-spectrum fungicide, which can effectively kill E. coli, wax bacteria, megabacterium, dysentery bacillus, typhoid bacillus, meningococcus, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella and Influenza virus hepatitis virus and other microorganisms. With high efficiency. The results of scientific research experiments show that the rate of ozone killing bacteria and viruses is much higher than that using ultraviolet rays. Ozone is easily soluble in water, and its solubility in water is about 13 times that of oxygen. The ozone dissolved in water has a stronger disinfection ability.

Why ozone can deodorize Our environment is full of various odors, such as garbage odor, urine odor, oily smoke odor, fish odor, appliance odor, etc. The principle of deodorizing with ozone water is actually the same as its principle of sterilization and disinfection, which is derived from the extremely oxidizing properties of ozone. It destroys the structure of the molecules that produce odor and produces non-toxic and odorless substances. Because the oxygen generated during the ozone decomposition process, the primary oxygen has a strong oxidizing effect, so the decomposition of toxic gas of disulfite gas carbon monoxide, the odor generated by the decomposition of organic pollutants in the decomposition of corruption, such as ammonia mixed with malicious gases Etc., can produce decomposition in a short time and become stable and odorless air. For example, unpleasant odors such as toilet odors, animal odors, gas poisonous odors, and dirty drain odors are completely detoxified. It is of great help to human health.

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