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Main functions and application scope of low pressure ozone disinfection machine

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The main function of low pressure ozone disinfection machine:

Disinfection: Ozone can kill bacteria, spores all pathogenic microorganisms, fungi and viruses, and articles on indoor air can reach the ideal surface disinfection and sterilization effect.

Remove the smell: the smell of ozone removal excellent performance, it can quickly oxidative decomposition odor, fumes, dust and odors generated by other organic or inorganic substances, played the role of air.

Mildew preservation: ozone to kill mold and has a strong ability to inhibit, while absorbing the ethylene gas discharged from fruits and vegetables inhibit the storage of fruits and vegetables continue to mature, for food, fruits and vegetables have excellent mildew, Preservation.

 Insect Repeller: Ozone unique to quickly get rid of the smell can be more sensitive to odors and insects, small animals, such as rats and cockroaches.

 Promote health: Ozone can quickly restore oxygen, increase indoor oxygen concentration, promote human cell activation, improve blood circulation and metabolism, prevent disease.

Product Scope:

Hospital: operating room, supply room, preparation room, wards, treatment rooms, outpatient room, injection room, toilets, medical equipment and supplies

 Blood: Blood rooms, sterile rooms, blood bank, etc.

Food plants, beverage plants: workshop, warehouse, packing materials, buffer room, dressing room, laboratory, work clothes, manufacturing equipment, etc.

Pharmaceutical (Biochemical Factory): sterile workshop, warehouse, buffer room, dressing room, laboratories, workshops, etc.

Health Products Factory: production workshop, packaging workshop, warehouse, work clothes, etc.

Aquaculture: indoor chicken plant, animal plant, sterile inoculation, cultivation, etc.

Agencies, schools, kindergartens: offices, classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, restaurants, dormitories, recreation rooms, tableware, toys, bathroom, etc.

Public places: theater, hotels, restaurants, entertainment hall, salon, beauty salons, Kara OK hall, etc.

Warehouse preservation: food, eggs, herbs, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, meat, etc.

Function Rooms: banks, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, factories, etc.

Archives, libraries: File mildew, insect, moth, etc.

Family: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, storage room, etc.

Special sterile environment: clean studio, animal farms, vaccination and other sterile

Other: all walks of life who need to disinfect indoor air, eliminate odors mildew preservation can be treated with ozone disinfection machin


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