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It is recommended to install ozone hand washing and disinfection machine in public places

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Public places have a relatively concentrated population, frequent contact with each other, and high mobility; equipment and items are reused by the public and are easily polluted; healthy and non-healthy individuals are mixed; it is easy to cause the spread of diseases, especially infectious diseases. It is recommended to install ozone hand-washing and disinfection machines in public places to wash hands with ozone water to eliminate the chance of contacting public facilities to spread viruses. Washing hands with ozone water for disinfection also has the following benefits:

1. Wash your hands with ozone water before meals, sterilize 99% for 10 seconds, and clean and disinfect your hands. Prevent the disease from entering the mouth and eat more at ease.

2. Wash your hands with oxygenated water after a meal. You can remove oil stains and fishy odors of fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood without using hand sanitizer; healthy and environmentally friendly.

3. Wash hands with active oxygen water after defecation, sterilization, disinfection and deodorization, free of hand-washing liquid, zero residue does not hurt the skin, healthier and more environmentally friendly.

4. Rinse your mouth with active oxygen water after a meal to eliminate the odor of onions, garlic, drinking, smoking, and its unique "bleaching" function can also give you white teeth

Jingzhi Mori ozone purifier can be used with any faucet, using water as a raw material, under the action of low voltage within 4V, the oxygen atoms in pure water are decomposed, and then recombined into high-potential superoxygen atoms, so that It produces super-oxygen water with a concentration of 0.8 ppm or more, without any toxic substances accompanying the entire process. Open the faucet and use immediately, it is very convenient to use.

Ozone has super sterilization ability in water, can effectively kill bacteria and viruses in water and people's hands, and can effectively prevent cross infection and influenza virus. A doctor said: "Many bacteria are introduced into the mouth through the hands, so keep your hands clean. Washing hands is the most basic way to prevent all infections including colds."

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