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Air disinfection purifier

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Household sterilizer / Disinfection purifier / Household disinfection purifier

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Portable travel: it can be placed in the car or taken away at will, compact and convenient, does not occupy space
  • Sterilization: The latest decomposition technology uses pure water to decompose pure oxygen, ozone and negative oxygen ions
  • Man-machine coexistence: 360-degree active disinfection of the interior space of the car, so that germs have nowhere to hide, and actively decompose bacterial cell tissue
  • Safety and environmental protection: new sterilization technology, healthy and environmentally friendly, no secondary residues after sterilization
  • Plug and play: convenient

Product Details

Disinfection purifier (Function)

Water is the source of everything. We use proton exchange technology to separate the oxygen molecules in pure water to form various forms of oxygen. They are pure oxygen, ozone and negative oxygen ions, which have higher oxygen extraction technology. Technical guarantee, then released to the living space for oxygenation, air purification, disinfection. Used in medical, pharmaceutical, food, water purification and other industries sterilization. This model can be used in the home convenient, safe, environmental protection. During the COVID-19 pandemic, getting out is your health insurance.

Technical parameters:

Power indicator light :220V-50Hz 12V

Oxygen output: 1000-3000 mg/h

Ozone output: 200-600 mg/h

Ozone concentration: 18-20%

Working environment: temperature 2-30

Size :260 * 260 * 200 220 * 325 cm * 270 cm

Net weight :3.5 kg, 2.7 kg

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