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Five Advantages Of Products

  • AIR QUALIY SENSORReal-time monitoring of air auality levelsGreen, blue, red aperture display
  • High-concentration ultraviolet rays will automatically decompose harmful substances in the air to purify the air
  • The cold catalyst is the nemesis of methanol. It can catalyze the reaction and decompose at room temperature. Various harmful gases are decomposed into water and carbon dioxide during adsorption.
  • Large air volume, rapid and efficient sterilization, complete sterilization in a space of 30-60 square meters in 1 hour
  • Composite HEPA filter HEPE effectively filters tiny particles such as mites, pollen and second-hand smoke Activated carbon effectively removes odors from the air Such as: formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, smoke, etc.

Product Details

UV disinfection+ ozone disinfection +air purification = clean air

UVtraviolet and ozone function: can switch between two disinfection modes.

1. Ultraviolet disinfection: Turn on the air purifier and switch to UV disinfection mode. The fan sucks indoor air into the machine, and performs multiple irradiation disinfection and circulation to sterilize the indoor air. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is sealed in a cabinet-type disinfection room. There is no ultraviolet leakage outside the cabinet, and personnel can work on site.

2. Ozone disinfection: Turn on the air purifier and switch to the ozone disinfection mode. High-concentration ozone will penetrate into the air, so that indoor air and surface of objects can be disinfected in 360 degrees without dead corners and can be carried out quickly disinfect. After turning on ozone disinfection, personnel need to leave the work site.

Features of uv air disinfection machine:

1. High-end universal wheel design, strong carrying capacity, quiet and wear-resistant. Movable, easy to use in multiple spaces, saving cost.

2. Brand new metal shell, novel appearance, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic radiation resistance and longer life span than plastic shell.

3. Three air volume settings: low windshield, medium windshield, and high windshield.

4. There are two operation modes: panel and remote control. The machine can customize the disinfection time and cycle according to different use environments, and work automatically on a regular basis, thus saving time and energy.

5. Equipped with a smart air quality sensor system, it will continuously diagnose your air quality and display the air quality level (green, blue, red), and adjust the fan speed accordingly, which is more energy efficient than other systems.

Application range: 

1. It is suitable for indoor air disinfection in hospitals with Ⅱ, Ⅲ and Ⅳ grade environment.

2. Applicable to office, home, school, nursing home, library, restaurant, public place, and other indoor air disinfection.

Technical Parameters:

Particle purification energy efficiency: 10 (high efficiency level) particulate matter clean air volume (CADR particulate matter): 400m3/h particulate matter cumulative purification volume (CCM particulate matter): P4 formaldehyde purification energy efficiency: 5.0 (high efficiency level) Sterilization rate: 99.99% noise: ≤30dB

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